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Shkulika Technologies has different module of milestone and Our Management are driving with young blood to achieve those dreams and to capture the HEART of industries, companies, organizations, education and it includes “YOU” too... The Employees of Our Company have proven that they are also experienced, due to the opportunity provided by the management for their EXCELLENCE.

MISSION: To be the best worldwide provider of higher value education and the centre for Quality of Educational Opportunities. VISION: Seek to become a progressively viable, self sustaining educational hub, dedicated to the advancement of attitudes, skills and knowledge, necessary for survival in global working environment.



PRAGASAM. S Managing Director
JEBASEELI. B Senior Content Writer and Advisor
RAJESH ELVISH. G Technology and Engineering Team Leader
ASHLY VIJAY IVAN. P Economics, HR, Management, Finance, Company Law, e-Governs Department In-charge
VISHNU KUMAR. K Chief Marketing Manager

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Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the page of Article Writing.

1. We would like to give assurance that readers will identify the concern.
2. Our power of words will capture the heart of folks and individual.
3. We will draft the writing which makes one to get attracted.
4. We have the talent of writing both in national and international language.
5. Our Article writing will always have a good conclusion/ending.
6. There are a multitude of different types of articles, including news stories,
features, profiles, instructional articles, and so on.
7. While each has specific qualities that are unique to its type, all articles
share some common characteristics.
8. From forming and researching your idea to writing and editing your work, writing articles
can give you a chance to share compelling and important information with readers.
9. Folks or individuals who are really interested in publishing your own content with no copy paste.
Contact us @ Contact No: 9500967016, 9942673852


Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the page of business re-engineering.

Our team assist you to re-think and re-design the way work is done as well as to support the industries and companies to reduce the cost. Our team provides high – level assessment of the organization’s mission, strategic goals and customer needs. We assist you to redefine your mission(If required). Our team assist to set strategic goals aligned with client mission. Our staff assist you to drive the businesses with proper steps and procedures. that govern how resources are use to create products and services, in order to meet the particular customers or markets. Our team identifies, analyses and re-designs organizations core business processes with the aim of achieving dramatic improvements in critical performance measures, such as cost quality, service and speed. We assist to achieve the greatest possible benefits to the organization and their customers. Our team always aim to increase the sales and improve the quality of the management.

Contact us @ 9500967016, 9942673852


Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the page of Career Enhancement Program

Our Team main motto is to develop communication skills whoever is been trained with us. Team of Shkulika always fond of develop individual collaboration skills We always help them to develop a relationship which helps to develop their entrepreneurship. We make them to learn the unwritten rules of career advancement We always assist people to succeed Our team always seek frequent feedback so that it gives chance to improve both the sides (If) Our team provides on assignments that will require you to develop and demonstrate the skills required for career advancement Develop a detailed and flexible plan according to the client wish. For your perusal we have listed of topics beneath



Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the page of Communication Hierarchy

1. Team of Shkulika Technologies shows and give training for the client staffs about their duties and responsibilities of the client company.
2. Our team helps for the profit and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, partnership firms and sole proprietorship too.
3. Our staff will also go engage with the client employees get the feedback and engage the employees in such a way to get the best output to the organizations.
4. We follow and assist all the 3 categories of employees communications start from Top level management till the end of supervisor level communications.
5. We will make them to train in such a way to adopt the companies communication systems.
6. Now a day employees have different perceptions provided they were not able to be communicated to their top management our staff redirects it in such a way how to have an effective communications to the employees.


Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the Corporate Training

1. Communication skills
2. Money management
3. Harassment
4. Personal Skills
5. Efficiency
6. Stress Management
7. Leadership
8. Customer retention
9. Sales skills
10.Workplace Violence
11.Risk Management
12.Business Etiquette
13.Conflict Prevention
15.Time management
17.Conflict Resolution
18.Written Communication
19.Coaching Skills
20.Relationship Building


Shkulika Technologies welcomes you to the cost cutting & problem solving
for companies & industries

1. Our team will identify the Common pitfalls in your business.
2. Our team focus resources where they make a difference
3. We assist to match sales resources with customers
4. We assign the customizing customer service with the client companies
5. Our team Stop wasting your sales response time
6. We ensure that pre-sales support delivers “best thinking” consistently
7. We provide a standard operating model
8. We assist to squeeze out inefficiencies after the sale
9. We will demonstrate after the efficiencies after the sale (Feedback from customer)

Faculty Development Program

Shkulika Technologies welcomes you for faculty development program

1. We aim at equipping teachers with skills and knowledge.
2. We prove that it is essential for inculcating entrepreneurial values in students.
3. We improve them to guide and monitor their progress towards entrepreneurial career.
4. We design our topics in such a way to train them in easy way and to develop professionals in entrepreneurship development.
5. Our team provides inputs on process of entrepreneurship development, communication and inter – personal skills, creativity, problem solving, achievements motivation training, input on resources and knowledge industries.
6. Our training method includes cases studies, group discussion, games and simulation exercises and class room lecturers.


Post Doctoral Researcher

1. Our team assist the people who have completed the Ph.D in any department.

2. Our focus of PD is to carry out the research and future deepens expertise in a specialist subject.

3. We assist them to publish the papers in peer – reviews academic journals or conferences.

4. We assist the scholars to write article, thesis, result finding, software interpretation and so on.


1. Ph.D for all departments 2. Post Doctoral Researcher (PD)
3. Business - Entrepreneur - Education – Conference Write – up’s and Power point Presentation 4. R & D for Industries
5. Business Re-engineering 6. Communication hierarchy for Companies & Industries
7. Risk Management of Companies & Industries 8. Cost cutting & Problem solving for Companies & Industries
9. Marketing Research for Companies & Industries 10. Final year projects
11. Seminars for College, Industries and Companies 12. Workshops for Colleges, Industries and Companies
13. Corporate training for IT Companies 14. Soft skill training program for College Students, Industries and Companies
15. Career enhancement program for Colleges Students and Job seekers 16. Faculty Development Program for Teaching Staffs



Thesis and Journal Article Writing

Our services & Support

Editing of research articles and thesis
Proof reading of research articles and thesis
Content writing of research articles and thesis
Rewrite rejected papers to match up to the expectation of international journal standards
Plagiarism Check and Grammar check
Idea sharing
DC meeting support
We work on separate part of the Thesis and Articles



1. Our team provides implementation is a realistic of a technical specifications or algorithms, software component or other computer system.
2. Our software team implementation will always be 100 % correct as well as perfect.
3. Our expert team has vast variations of software implementations with the core of the subject to provide end result for it. The tool is been used by Our team on behalf of generating reports
4. For your perusal we have listed the software beneath


Ph.D - Complete Solution

Guidance for Title Select Importance for your own Ideas
Synopsis Research Proposal
Research Paper Research Paper Publishing –Guidance
Thesis Writing SPSS / MATLAB – Result Representing
Software Based Project implementation Timely Delivery
Plagiarism free writing Work confidentiality
Convenient timing for discussions Coaching by technical experts
Individual consultation Technical Language Correction
Plagiarism Correction Formatting & Proofreading Services
Scientific Image Editing Services Anonymous Peer Review Process
English Language Correction Adding additional references in the desired format